Pope Francis: Populism is Selfish and Suffocating

Addressing European Union leaders at the 60th anniversary of the creation of the EU, Pope Francis spoke out against the growth of populism and nationalism in Western countries:

The founding fathers had a clear sense of being part of a common effort that not only crossed national borders, but also the borders of time...

...For solidarity is no mere ideal; it is expressed in concrete actions and steps that draw us closer to our neighbors, in whatever situation they find themselves. Forms of populism are instead the fruit of an egotism that hems people in and prevents them from overcoming and "looking beyond” their own narrow vision.

Francis's remarks are a microcosm of the Left's collapsing narrative. Francis, a man steeped in Marxist Libertarian Theology who desperately wants to be oh-so-hip and progressive in The Current Year, is actually "behind the times" in regards to the philosophical and political directions the West is headed.

Communism is not really the driving force of the Left anymore; instead, it is an ideology centered around globalism, Third-Worldism, open borders, and anti-white, anti-West hatred. In response to decades of this, reactionary movements are spreading across the West, and, like the Left, Francis is clinging to a dying brand. 

Yet this would be the perfect time for the head of the Catholic Church, like the fictional Pope Leo XIII in HBO's The Young Pope, to re-assert traditionalism and supply the growing demand for an anti-modernist Faith. Instead, Francis pokes fun at the younger crowds who attend the Latin Mass, defends the Muslim invasion of Europe (and even says Muslim terrorism doesn't exist!), praises Marxism over markets, issues vague statements on key Church doctrine, and seems to go out of his way to reach out to everyone except actual Catholics. St. Pius X warned us about Vatican II and men like Francis.

It is no wonder so many Catholics are turning to sedevacantism, the SSPX, or even looking East these days.