Another Speaker Shouted Down at Marxist Factory

University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson did not receive a friendly greeting when he was scheduled to speak at McMaster University. Via Breitbart:

Students at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, derailed an event featuring University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson on Friday evening.

The event, which Peterson claimed was originally scheduled to feature a panel of three speakers, was whittled down to just himself after the school received threats for hosting the event...

...As a precaution before the event at McMaster University, Professor Peterson had students guard the fire alarms around the building so that protesters couldn’t set them off in an attempt to derail the event.

As a precaution before the event at McMaster University, Professor Peterson had students guard the fire alarms around the building so that protesters couldn’t set them off in an attempt to derail the event.

After the protesters successfully shut down the event, Peterson and the students in attendance were forced to move the talk outside where he was able to continue.

This isn't the first time Peterson has faced the favorite tool of the Leftist mob, either; whenever he speaks in public, crowds of commies shout him down.

Peterson has developed a huge audience in the past year for his (in)famous defense of sanity and reason in Canadistan. Tom Woods interviewed Peterson after he publicly opposes a proposed Canadian law that would make it illegal to not use "gender-neutral" pronouns with people of different "gender identities." Peterson also argues that the idea that there are dozens of gender identities has absolutely no basis in science, biology, and reality.

The fact that a figure like Peterson was screeched at by Leftists is, of course, nothing new. Charles Murray, author of The Bell Curve, which studied racial and sexual differences in intelligence, was recently chased out of Middlebury College in Vermont by an angry mob when he was invited to speak there. Milo's mere presence at UC Berkeley initiated violent riots, property destruction, and assaults upon those who wished to see him speak. It is also worth nothing that Milo, who speaks obvious truths about the absurdity of feminism, SJWS, and Black Lives Matter but otherwise takes very conventional and even neocon positions on everything else, was called a "Nazi" and "fascist." A gay, Jewish immigrant who attacks such low-hanging fruit is still considered a Fascist Menace by the Left.

There are countless examples of conservative and/or libertarians speakers being invited to speak at college campuses or other public venues being met with hostility, screaming, protests, and outright violence. On the other hand, during the 2016 presidential race, Bernie Sanders was invited to speak at Liberty University, a very conservative, evangelical Christian university. There were no riots, no protests, no assaults. The students and faculty politely listened to a man who would have them all shot or thrown in prison if they didn't cough up 90% of their income to the state.

Now, for the dying ideology of the mainstream conservative, this confirms their simplistic narrative. See! Look how intolerant and regressive the Left are! Dems R Duh Real Racists and Fascists because they won't let people with opposing opinions air their views! This type of conservative thinking, however, plays right into the Left's hands. Not only is this strategy incredibly ineffective, but by doing this, it cedes the intellectual and moral high ground to the Left and constantly moves the Overton Window in their direction.

Yes, we know, the Left are "intolerant" and unprincipled—this is why they win and conservatives lose.

Perhaps it is time the Right becomes a little less obsessed with "tolerance" and uses the Left's Alynskite against themselves. This is where the strength of the AltRight comes from; they refuse to grant the Left their egalitarian narrative and are willing to actually fight. Libertarians could learn a thing or two from this strategy.

This does not require an abandonment of libertarian principles, just the addition of some much-needed iron to a movement that is become an anemic, politically-correct shadow of its former self. The foundation of libertarianism is the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP), but unlike gravity or other natural laws, it is not self-enforcing. The democratic, Leviathan state, and its Cultural Marxist enablers, deny us our basic libertarian rights of private property and free association. This includes the right to exchange our property peacefully with others, the right to discriminate against those we do not wish exchange or interact with, the right to expel those who invade our person and property, and the right to use physical, defensive violence against those who aggress against, or threaten to aggress against, us.

These democratic political conditions make it nearly impossible to create a libertarian social order (since, through the vote, everyone can violate everyone's rights and Santa Claus will always win in a popularity contest against Ron Paul), the Physical Removal Principle (PRP) becomes the enforcement mechanism and the logical next-step of the NAP. 

As I argue in the final chapter of my book, with the PRP, no longer will we have to be sitting ducks as we wait for Leviathan and Cultural Marxists to destroy our civilization. The PRP represents an antiviral boost to the society’s immune system. Instead of shouting “NAP! NAP!” at those who would not think twice about having the state confiscate your property, or Cultural Marxists who refuse to allow our ideas to be heard in the public square, the PRP gives us a defensive tool to eliminate these threats to our liberty, property, and civilization.

What libertarians need to understand is that although we like to think that Left and Right are just differing opinions on political issues, there is a strong case to be made that, by and large, they are not political slants based on reason, logic, and evidence, but rather biological and epigenetic responses to resource scarcity. The Left, and Leftists, can only exist in the manner that they do because of government subsidies (paid for through the expropriation of the Right) and the dysgenic nature of the democratic welfare state. Take these incentives away, and Leftism dies. 

Given that this option is not on the table, however, there is the PRP. The Leftists who shout down public speakers, assault their opponents, or riot in the streets are not interested in dialogue, discussion, debate, or reason, and they have backed us into a corner. A libertarian society is a fantasy under our current political climate of the low-level civil war inherent in the democratic state. The creation of a reactionary counter-weight—whether it is called nationalist, fascist, or monarchist—is the only way a libertarian social order can be achieved in a society dominated by a cult of democracy, egalitarianism, welfare redistribution, and Cultural Marxism.

Libertarians just want to be left alone. We have begged, pleaded, reasoned, and philosophized for liberty, and yet the more we ask for it, the more our enemies double down and call for further expropriation. If you do not agree that there are fifty genders or reject the Left's abstract god of Equality, you will be financially or legally punished, harassed, and have your reputation ruined. We have asked for peace, and have been met with the barrel of a gun every single time. I would love a peaceful separation or secession, but the Left will never give it to us.

Eventually, the wolves who subsidize the rabbits are going to snap. After this switch goes off, the next time Leftists shut down a speaker they disagree with, burn down a city, riot, or conspire in public to further expropriate the liberty and property of those who build and maintain what is left of our civilization, they will be met with a reactionary wrath. This may involve free-falls from rotary aircraft or simply stripping them of their right to vote away our rights and property; and while some many initially be turned off by this, I would bet that nearly everyone not subsidized by the expropriated labor of somebody else would either cheer it on or look the other way.

So when will these hysterical Leftist mobs stop shutting down speakers and burning down cities? They will never stop on their own; it is only up to us, through the defensive, reactionary force of the PRP, to make them stop.